One Fix Sprinklers offers a full one-year warranty for services rendered. We guarantee that any services, design, or methods of installation will not fail within this time. One Fix will repair any inadequacies orsystem failures at no cost to the client within this timeframe. Any tampering, work by other parties, improper use, or acts of God void this warranty. Furthermore, the warranty provided applies exclusively to the services, design, and methods of installation by One Fix. It is the responsibility of the client to properly maintain their turf, plants, and trees. One Fix does not assume responsibility for any loss of vegetation. 

Additionally, One Fix offers a three year warranty on all products used excluding the controller (the controller installed has a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty). Any failure of the products used by One Fix within this time will be replaced at no cost to the client. This does not include products that were not installed by One Fix. 

One Fix Sprinklers BBB Business Review